Spelt spaghetti


One walks silently down the narrow streets of Scanno, considered one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy, only 95 miles west of Rome; and one feels like being in another world.  Such famous artists as:  Escher, Henri Cartier Bresson, Gianni Berengo Gardin and Mario Giacomelli have immortalized those steps leading to secluded squares–a village surrounded by beautiful woods.  Scanno seems to be suspended in time as its inhabitants move at a slow pace enjoying life.  They are hospitable people, quite friendly and willing to share their traditions.




A door in Scanno

Scanno is famous for its gold jewelry dating back to ancient times.  The local store has gold pins following the town’s tradition and there is also a small museum showing how early artisans made their gold jewelry.  Some of the best restaurants in this region are in Scanno. They specialize in homemade pasta with tasty local herbs and roasted sheep.  The local residents love dressing up in traditional costumes and the elderly ladies still do the difficult Italian crochet called “tombolo”.  Both have been a source of inspiration for international artists.



It is not unusual to see the famous Abruzzo bear wandering about on the numerous paths around the village leading down to the heart-shaped lake with its romantic atmosphere. Abruzzo  is famous for growing spelt, an antique cereal and an integral part of the inhabitants’ diet.  It is easy to digest and really delicious.

Here is a recipe for some fantastic spaghetti that will take one back to ancient times:  Spelt Spaghetti with Borage.

Spelt spaghetti

Ingredients for four persons:

320 gm. spelt spaghetti

one potato

200 gm. borage

a garlic clove

hot pepper


olive oil

Heat two liters of water and cook the thinly sliced potato here.

When the water boils, add salt, the spaghetti and the borage.

Cook the hot pepper and the garlic clove in some olive oil.

When the pasta is almost cooked, drain the potato, the borage and the spaghetti.

Add the spices and olive oil to the spaghetti, potato and borage.

Cook a moment mixing well.

Enjoy your dish!